How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs at Home Naturally…or Not!

how to get rid of bed bugs

Bothersome Bed Bugs: How to Get Rid of Them

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At the end of a hectic day, there is one place you can go to find comfort and peace. That one perfect, ever-welcoming place is your bed, until the night you crawl into it and realize you are not the only thing moving. Suddenly, you are itching uncontrollably as tiny, mahogany creatures latch onto your body. This is not a horror movie you are watching on television; these are bed bugs in your oasis. These loathsome creatures are invading your favorite, quiet space in the world. The parasites must die. Here are the steps to take to get rid of bed bugs.

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How to Free Your Home of Bed Bugs

In just a few simple steps, you can free your home of bed bugs. Bear in mind though that if the little critters have already taken over several areas of your home, you might need to seek out assistance from professionals. Of course, it does not hurt to try and accomplish the task yourself either. Here’s how:

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Step #1 – Clean Up Your Room

The first step is to clean up your room. If you want to get rid of bed bugs, you must get rid of all the useless junk you keep around your room. These are things like the lamp that has been broken for five years, the magazines from six months ago, and the newspapers that have turned brown with age. Anything you no longer use needs to go. Once you have placed all these things together, put them in plastic bags, and then seal them tightly, preferably with heat or some type of strong adhesive. When the bags have been properly secured, put them in your outside trash receptacle.

Step #2 – Thoroughly Launder Your Belongings

Your clothing, bedding, and any other items which can be laundered should be sealed in plastic bags as well. Then they should be washed on the hottest temperature offered by your washing machine. Those materials which for one reason or another cannot be placed in a washing machine should be placed in a laundry dryer on high heat for no less than ten minutes. When all of your cloth items have been treated, reseal them in fresh bags so the bed bugs will not contaminate them again. Until you have thoroughly cleaned everything in your room (including mattresses, closets, and dresser drawers), you should not return your linens and clothing to their respective storage areas.

Step #3 – Vacuum the Entire Affected Area

bed bug bites on skin leave scars

Bed Bug Bites Can Be Very Itchy and Painful

When steps one and two have been completed, it is time to get the vacuum out of the utility room. Use it to clean every surface in your room, including the interiors of your dresser and bedside table drawers. Even furnishings and accessories you might not normally vacuum such as chairs, step stools, ceiling fans, and clocks should be added to the “clean me” list. Once everything has been carefully scoured, remove the waste from the vacuum, seal it in a bag, and dispose of it immediately. Leaving the contents in the vacuum would be the same thing as putting the bed bugs back into the environment the next time you make use of the unit.

Step #4 – Bring in the Steam Cleaner Heat

Now it is time to repeat your cleaning efforts with the power of a steam cleaner. This step is essential in the process to get rid of bed bugs because these insects cannot survive temperatures which are higher than 113 degrees Fahrenheit or 45 degrees Celsius. Once upon a time, you would have needed to hire a professional in order to get your home steam cleaned, but today, you can easily get your own steamer. The cleaning units can be rented at many stores, including your local grocery and discount shopping centers. When you get a cleaner, you can make sure those bugs never ruin your night again.

Step #5 – Bug-Proof Your Room

adult bed bug biting skin

Bed Bugs are Very Small Even as Adults and Can Be Hard to Spot

Now that you have gotten rid of all the bed bugs you can see easily, you need to be certain you have uncovered the hiding places of all the pests you cannot see. These are the easily missed areas in any home like floor and wall cracks and small crevices around window frames. Fill these openings with caulk and other fillers.

You may need to repeat these steps in order to eliminate all of the bed bugs from your home, but when these nuisances are gone, going to your bed at night will again be one of your favorite things. If by some chance, these steps do not solve your problem, you can always consider one of the many products on the market today. Then of course, there is always your pinch hitter, your professional exterminator, just a few clicks away. The most important thing is that you get rid of the bed bugs and reclaim your bed by any means necessary.


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