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how to get rid of boils

How To Get Rid Of Boils Safely and Effectively

How to get rid of boils is an embarrassing question to have to ask, even when speaking with your doctor. There’s no reason why it should be embarrassing as boils are a natural occurrence, but it can make you stare at the floor like a recalcitrant child nonetheless. Try to relax, and remember that anything that happens on your body is absolutely natural, and isn’t going to disturb your doctor. It may be possible to avoid seeing the doctor altogether, as there’s many natural remedies that you can try.

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Causes Of Boils

Boils can form as a result of infected hair follicles, open cuts or wounds, or even antibiotics.  Most of the time, a boil is formed because the bacteria Staphylococcus Aurous is present. This bacteria, commonly known as staph, is present on the skin of many people. An open wound can allow the bacteria to enter the skin, thus producing a boil. Infected hair follicles work in much the same way, whether caused by staph, or simply a severe infection. Chances are that if you’ve never had a boil, you’ll get one at some point in your life. It’s important then to understand how to get rid of boils.

Home Remedies

The simplest way to rid yourself of a boil is to place a hot compress on the boil to bring it to a head. Hold the compress over the boil for 10 to 15 minutes, several times per day if necessary. Once the compress has done its job, you’ll then be able to drain the boil. Be sure to disinfect the boil once it’s done draining to prevent bacteria from reentering the wound.

boils remedies

Boils Can Be Very Painful & Unsightly

A “sitz” bath can be helpful if the boil is located on the buttocks. A sitz bath doesn’t have to occur in the bathtub, which is why it’s useful for boils that are inconveniently located. You can purchase a sitz bath kit at your local pharmacy. It will come with a bowl that fits inside your toilet and is filled with warm water and Epsom salt. This can relax the area around the boil, and dry it out quickly. This is one of the remedies most commonly recommended when asking a professional how to get rid of boils.

One of the stranger home remedies for ridding yourself of boils recommends soaking a piece of bread in milk. Once the bread is saturated, squeeze out the excess milk and secure the soggy bread over the boil with a bandage. Besides being interesting, there isn’t much to recommend this method as a valid treatment for boils. However, if you’re suffering and have tried everything else, you may be willing to give this a shot.

It May Be Time See A Doctor

If home remedies have failed, and the boil has gotten bigger and more painful, you may need to call your doctor to ask for help getting rid of your boil, especially if you’re diabetic or have a fever. Your doctor will likely give you advice on how to get rid of boils. If you assure him that you have exhausted all home remedies, he may run a blood test to determine if a staph infection is the cause of your boils. If so, you may be prescribed an antibiotic. If the boil has proven to be persistent, and is severe enough, your doctor may feel it is necessary to perform minor in-office surgery to help the boil heal and give you some relief.

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Another Example of What a Boil Looks Like

If this is the case, your doctor will apply a local anesthetic and lance the boil in order to allow it to drain. Once the boil has drained, it will be sterilized and packed with gauze to prevent a re occurrence of the infection. You’ll need to change the bandages daily, and wash the area with an antibacterial soap.

Given enough time, most boils will go away by themselves. If the home remedies have failed, and several weeks have gone by with no relief, it won’t hurt to call your doctor and ask how to get rid of boils. He may have you come in, or he may advise you to wait a little longer. If you’ve got diabetes or a suppressed immune system, you should contact your doctor as soon as you realize you have a boil.

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